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Saskia Griffiths-Moore And Chandra Chakraborty – ‘Together In Love And Separation’

Saskia Griffiths-Moore, the critically acclaimed folk musician and founder of Talent Is Timeless, transports us to another world with her new album, ‘Together In Love And Separation,’ on which she collaborates with Indian classical music maestro Chandra Chakraborty.

The album consists of eight tracks, each of which stands out with vigour. It begins with ‘She Moves The Fair,’ and an enthralling vocal performance immediately draws us in, with both ladies rising out of the production with zeal. The two are a perfect fit, showcasing the best of both cultures in a record that is engaging from beginning to end.

Saskia Griffiths-Moore

‘Milon Hobe Kotodine’, which appears on track four, takes us even deeper into a meditative condition, with Indian timbres making an impression. We then move on to a great cover of ‘Scarborough Fair,’ a track that truly highlights the talent of the performers, and Saskia binds us to the speakers with her enthralling vocal delivery.

The album concludes with ‘Wild Mountain Thyme,’ and by this time, we are itching to head back to track one to listen to it all over again.

Fortunately for fans, the album will be on display at Cecil Sharp House on July 19th, together with the London Chamber Orchestra. Úna Palliser will lead the LCO.

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Check it out below.

Written By Shanade Connor.

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