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Julia Thomsen – Beauty Inside And Out

Julia Thomsen is the London composer who everybody is talking about and for the right reasons. The Scottish born neo-classical enthusiast is rising the ranks rapidly with her latest treasure ‘Beauty Inside And Out’.

It is a release which sits inside her most recent ‘Sea Energise’ EP. It takes us on a calming journey with a piano melody which soothes from the get-go. We hear plenty of eclectic sounds making the fold with a direction which brings plenty of nostalgia with hints taken from some of the most excellent compositions written many decades previously.

Unique with a tranquil aura, this track is perfect for the hazy days. It grips, and it is difficult not to sway into Julia’s world with her contagious arrangements shining brightly. You can take a listen to ‘Beauty Inside And Out’ by Julia Thomsen below.

Written By Shanade Connor.

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